7 Ways To Reach The Right Candidates

While there are many factors that impact on how your recruitment agency is judged, a lot depends on the candidates you put forward for key roles. If you don’t put forward good candidates, nothing else matters, so there is a need for you to find the right people to fill important vacancies. Social media is a fantastic way to reach the right candidates and here are 7 ways you can find the people that ensure your fill vacancies with success.

Research hashtags – If previous ones have worked, then use them
You shouldn’t always be looking to reinvent the wheel when it comes to business. There is often a very good chance that people have already achieved success in your line of expertise and if they have, you should consider following their path.

A great example of utilising someone else’s work is searching for relevant hashtags and then using them in your own campaign. Relevant hashtags are likely to feature the job sector you operate in and your local area, or both. Make sure the hashtags are right for your business and the people and firms you want to bring together.

Be specific in your content
If you are looking to find candidates in a specific area or with skills and interest in a particular sector, make sure that your content and posts are focused on these areas. If you offer a mish-mash of content, it will confuse your audience as to what you are looking for or will lead you to engaging with people who have no interest in the roles you are able to offer.

This means you need to take the time to think about the jobs you can offer, the companies you help find employees for and the candidates you want to reach. When you provide content that is tailored to these ends, you will find it easier to reach the right candidates.

Create video content where you explain what you want candidates to offer
In the present day, video content is highly effective in reaching out to your audience, and you can create good quality videos with just a smartphone. Have one of your employees talk about the roles you have on offer and what a candidate should provide to fill this role. Video content will likely lead to more engagement, which can only improve your chances of finding the best person for your needs.

Showcase the employers that you work with and help fill vacancies for
In order to find the best standard of candidates, you want to show that you can offer the best roles in the most highly regarded companies. You should look to share content or insights from the leading companies that you work with. This highlights to candidates that you are trusted by the key firms in the area or sector, which will help people to form a positive impression of your agency and what you have to offer.

Provide testimonials from employers and candidates highlighting the work you undertake
It is important that companies can provide proof of the work that they undertake and this means you need to offer testimonials. Contact clients that you have previously helped and ask if they can provide you with reviews or a quote that you can share with others.

Ask potential candidates what help they need or what they would like to know
Sometimes the best way to find out what people want from you is to ask them. Social media is a perfect platform to ask questions and find out what people are looking for. Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation, which means that you can develop a relationship but ultimately, knowing what people want from you will help you to provide a better standard of service.

Showcase your friendly and personal side as well as your professional approach
While it is vital that you display a professional identity on social media, you also want to showcase a friendly side to your business. Finding a job can be a very stressful period in people’s lives. If your firm has a welcoming outlook, people will feel at ease and be happier in dealing with you. On social media, you can interview your employees to show their personal side or you can share images that showcase the fun or more relaxed side of your workplace.

As finding the right candidate is essential for recruitment agencies, it is important that you focus on this aspect. If you need assistance in uncovering the ideal candidate, come and speak with Agent Social.

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Ian Watson
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