Engage With Employers: Social Media Tips For Recruiters

It is accepted that social media is a good way to recruit people and this means that a lot of candidates are happy to look for jobs or research options on social media. While many individual companies are using social media as part of their recruitment work, there are also opportunities for recruitment agencies to achieve success through the use of social media.

Be specific with your posts and content
Your brand is very important and if you are an agency focusing on a specific form of employment, you should remain focused on this line of work. While it is good to show off your personal side and have some fun from time to time, when it comes to business matters, be focused and stick to a niche or local area, depending on the set-up of your company.

With this in mind, take the time to find relevant hashtags that will appeal to your audience, providing you with a stronger chance of communicating with and connecting with your intended market.

Follow key people, influencers and companies
In order to be seen as the recruitment agency that people trust, you want to be seen as a reliable authority. One good way to achieve this is to position yourself amongst the leading influencers, firms and news sources in areas or sectors that you want to be seen in.

If people start to associate your agency with respected sources, they will start to think that you are dependable too.

Share content from leading people and firms in your chosen sectors
Of course, you don’t just want to follow the right people, you want to share their content and make sure that you engage with them. This is all part of a branding exercise that will make sure people view your agency as one that can be relied upon. There is also the fact that if you regularly share content from trusted sources, they may start to engage with you, which will give you further gravitas in your area.

Speak to employers
As a recruitment agency, your main aim is to bring people and businesses together. This means you cannot solely focus on candidates. Take the time to follow companies you want to work with, read their posts and if you have an opinion or something to share with them, do so. You shouldn’t continually badger companies online but you do have a chance to show that you are in sync with an organisation, which means that a company may be more likely to want to work with you in the future.

At Agent Social, we believe that relevant engagement is the best way to develop your brand and make connections online. Given the competitive nature of the recruitment sector, and the importance of your role in bringing people and jobs together, it is essential that you make yourself seen as the ideal recruitment agency. Any agency looking for assistance in developing their presence and connecting with the right parties should contact us for guidance and more information.

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Ian Watson
Agent Social

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