Why Facebook Advertising Is Important For A Recruitment Agency

If you are looking to boost your social media presence and engage with the right people, Facebook advertising is important for a recruitment agency and here are some of the key reasons.

Your audience is on Facebook
First of all, you want to be on Facebook because your audience is on Facebook. There are murmurings about people drifting away from Facebook to other social media platforms but when it comes to getting across to the people you need to, no matter what demographic you are focusing on, Facebook is the place to be.

People check Facebook regularly
Not only does your audience use Facebook regularly, they engage with the platform and check in on multiple occasions per day. This means that your best chance of making contact with the people you want to find is through the Facebook platform.

You can control the content of your adverts
Facebook ads can be created quickly, simply and easily and best of all, you remain in complete control of the process. This is a great way to ensure you send out the right message to your audience, and this will help you to remain consistent across all of your marketing activity.

You can control how much you spend
One thing that concerns many recruitment agencies is advertising expenditure and going over budget. Thankfully with Facebook advertising you can set limits on your daily or project spend, so you need never overspend again.

Facebook ads can be targeted at the right people
While there are many benefits associated with using Facebook advertising, the real reason is because the targeting element is easy to use and can help you find exactly who you are looking for. No matter what demographic, personality, or interest is important to you and your advertising activities, you’ll find that Facebook advertising provides you with the ideal chance.

You can review and analyse campaigns
It is important to be able to review and analyse your campaigns and the Analytical Tools provided by Facebook makes this a very easy process. If you want to know what went right or what went wrong, you’ll find that the analytical tools provided by Facebook makes it easy to examine your outcomes and what caused those outcomes to occur.

You can run split campaigns
A major benefit, usually placed alongside the ability to review your campaigns, is the fact that Facebook makes it easy to run split campaigns. This means you can change one aspect of your advert and then see if this changes the outcome or response from users. There is no point in making a lot of changes and then trying to determine why a different outcome occurred, you need to minimise changes and then pay attention to the separate outcomes.

You can start and stop adverts at will
If you hit upon a great idea and you want to roll out an advert straight away, you can on Facebook. If you want to halt an advert immediately, you can with Facebook adverts. This is a level of control that isn’t available with many advertising platforms and it is a big factor in why so many firms decide to use Facebook advertising.

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