How to use testimonials effectively to show proof of service for your business

In the present day, there is a need for businesses to provide proof of the products and services they provide. The digital revolution and social media platforms have made it easier than ever before for companies to engage with their audience and promote themselves, but not every company tells the truth or paints a genuine reflection of what they offer. This is why an increasing number of consumers need to be convinced by what a business offers and if you cannot provide proof, you may struggle to be taken seriously by your audience.

One of the most effective ways for a company to offer proof of what they provide is to showcase reviews and testimonials from genuine customers. People want to see the thoughts of other people, similar to them, and this is why testimonials should be an integral aspect of how a modern company engages with their audience.

Your testimonials have to detail benefits
While it is pleasing for a company to get a review or testimonial along the lines of “this is a great product” or “I love this service”, these comments don’t really provide benefits or insight into why a customer should choose this product or service.

Examples of good testimonials would be “this service enables us to double our conversions in just one month” or “my ankle pain disappeared in one week after using this product.” If the testimonial outlines what benefit the customer receives from buying from or hiring this company, it is more likely to connect with the customer and convince them that this is an option that is right for them.

A good testimonial will back up the claims that you make on your site or in your promotional material. Giving further evidence of the impact your product or services offer is a key component of why testimonials are so important.

The testimonial should come from someone the customer can relate to
Finding anyone who can say something nice about your product or service is important but ideally, you want to provide testimonials from people who will be classed under your key demographic(s). This is because a testimonial is so more effective when other customers can relate to the person who is making the comment or review. If you want to appeal to homeowners, there is no point in getting a review from a major corporation. If you are looking to appeal to teenagers, there is little point in providing testimonials from pensioners.

You should look to make sure the testimonial is seen as credible. This means you should be able to provide a full name and location for the person providing you with the testimonial, and if you can, include a photograph too. You’ll find that social media sites are ideal for providing testimonials because people will post from their own accounts, and this makes it very easy for other people to be confident that the review comes from a real person. You’ll also find that if a testimonial can draw a comparison between your product/service and another product/service, it will be well received and provide more information to your audience.

You should never make up your own testimonials. This is the sort of move that many companies have tried, and it often ends badly. If you make up your own testimonials and you are found out, there can be a major fall-out on social media, and this could seriously harm your business. It really isn’t worth the risk making up testimonials on your site.

Don’t just use testimonials on a specific page on your site. While having a testimonials page is important because it provides an easy access point for people specifically looking for this sort of information, feel free to use testimonials on various places on your site. Your home page and any page where you ask your audience to take action are good places to have testimonials.

If you follow these steps, you should find that testimonials can have a positive impact on your business. No matter the size of your business or the sector you operate in, testimonials offer proof about the service you provide, hopefully persuading customers to buy from you.

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Ian Watson
Agent Social UK

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